5 Smart Amazon Shopping Tips Through Nazdeeq

5 Smart Amazon Shopping Tips Through Nazdeeq

Shop from Amazon in Pakistan

After our launch, we got a lot of positive response from people as well as concerns over the final price! We hear you 🙂

So we made a quick shopping guide on Amazon through Nazdeeq.

1) International Shipping: Always make you sure you get your kg’s worth. It is $17.99 for the first 0.5kg but only $7 for each additional 0.5kg. You can always group your orders with a friend!

2) US Shipping: If your order is above $50 and is being sourced from Fulfilled by Amazon, then internal shipping is $0

3) Always read the reviews and customer ranking on Amazon because they are sure short reflection of how good the product is!

4) The customs ratio will work in your favor if you’re shopping for hi-end brands (handbags, sunglasses & watches) – but that doesn’t mean low prices items don’t have value for money

5) The customs ratio will work especially well for you if you’re buying electronics such as laptops. In fact you will probably get them for cheaper on Nazdeeq than anywhere else in the market

Lastly, Amazon has millions of products and 680,000 brands – whatever that you think of, you can get it! It really is an A-Z portal so there definitely always a product worth buying.


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